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Choosing an appropriate model of electric ADSYS water heater for your home or business depends on 3 primary factors:

  • your incoming water temperature

  • maximum flow rate desired

  • the electrical service of your home

Incoming Water Temperature
The chart is designed to offer you a general model recommendation based on the typical incoming water temperatures. The model recommended on the chart for your area is based on a desired maximum flow rate of about 3 gallons per minute and should be regarded as the smallest recommended model for a general whole-house residential water heater - selecting a more powerful model will provide higher flow rates. Our chart and recommendations also assume that your home has enough electrical service to support the model suggested - see below.

Maximum Flow Rate Desired
Before making a decision on a ADSYS water heater model, you should consider the maximum flow rate of hot water you really need. Most people tend to over-estimate their simultaneous hot water demand. See the chart for a few flow rate guidelines for various hot water applications in the home.

Most homes will only demand one major hot water use at a time, or a maximum of 2 flow-restricted showers, etc. Generally, a maximum flow rate of 3 GPM will be sufficient for such applications. You are encouraged to measure the flow rates at your showerhead and various outlets in the home to get a more definitive estimate of your true flow rate needs.

The following chart illustrates the maximum flow rate that can be achieved with each model based on a 105F output temperature. Most people shower at a temperature of between 98 and 104F. This chart is based on a 240 volt input voltage and maximum flow rates are listed for various incoming water temperature levels. If your home or business has less than 240 volt power (208v), your maximum flow rate will be lower.

Simply look up your incoming water temperature and desired flow rate to determine your model choice. Don't forget that incoming water temperature may change throughout the year depending on the season.

Flow Rate in GPM at 60 PSI
Typical Shower
1.5 to 2.0 GPM (Max. 2.5 GPM)
Typical Bath Tub Faucet
2.0 to 3.0 GPM
Bathroom Vanity Sink Faucet
0.5 to 1.5 GPM
Kitchen Sink Faucet
1.0 to 2.2 GPM
Clothes Washer
1.5 to 3.0 GPM


By heating water only as it is needed the ADSYS Water Heater eliminates the need for bulky water heaters that heat water continuously. This can reduce hot water costs up to 60% over conventional electric water heaters. The ADSYS Water Heater high efficiency is in part due to its dedicated analog microprocessor that samples input and output temperatures 21 times per second.

This power control system analyzes the data and manages power usage for maximum effeciency and temperature stability. At rest, the ADSYS Water Heater uses no power at all.

Available in seven models, the ADSYS Water Heater is ideal for a wide range of application. One ADSYS Water Heater unit can supply the hot water needs of home and apartments, and in some applications, energy saving can pay back unit cost in less than one year.

Due to its shielded incoloy heating elements and copper & brass casing, the ADSYS Water Heater is ideal in any application where mineral deposits shorten the life of a conventional water heater.

The ADSYS Water Heater comes with a 1 year warranty on all water-carrying components and all other parts are warrantied for one year. Installation is quick and easy, requiring no venting and the ADSYS Water Heater compact size allows installation almost anywhere.

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