Why ADSYS Water Heater so economical?

There are two primary ways that the ADSYS water heater reduces energy bills:

1. A conventional tank-type water heater must keep 40-60 gallons of water heated to between 120o-160o F. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Now compare that to how many minutes a day you actually turn on a hot water tap, shower, clothes or dishwasher, etc. The ADSYS Water Heater only consumes electricity when you use hot water! It completely eliminates the thermal heat losses from the storage tank of a traditional hot water heater that happens constantly throughout the day. This alone can reduce your power consumption related to your water heating by 20-30%.

2. To ensure that a conventional water heater recovers quickly after a major use like a shower and to prevent problems associated with cold water mixing in the tank during drawdown, traditional tank water heaters are typically set at very high temperatures, much hotter than you normally use the water. The first thing you do when you go to have a shower is mix in cold water. This process of overheating water only to cool it again is inefficient. With ADSYS water heater, a more reasonable output temperature of 105 to 110F can be selected since the water is heated on demand. According to the US. Department of Energy, for each 10篎 reduction in water temperature, you can save between 3%?% in energy costs.

Will one unit be sufficient for my home or business?

Yes, unless you have a large house in which several people typically use hot water at the same time (multiple showers), ADSYS Water Heaters will provide your entire home with an endless supply of hot water.

Normally, we find that people are not concerned with multiple users of hot water at the same time, because water pressure issues already prohibit that type of usage. Most people are concerned with the "one shower after another" situation. You will never run out of hot water again!

In warmer climates, you can run up to 7 gallons per minute (far more than enough for more than 2 showers at a time) with an appropriately sized electric tankless water heater. In colder climates, a maximum flow rate of 3 to 3.5 gallons per minute is more realistic, and only one major hot water demand at a time should be expected. Please review our Model Selector for more details.

For very demanding applications, you can use more than one ADSYS water heater in series or parallel or use a ADSYS water heater as a booster to a conventional tank-type heater.

How does the ADSYS Water Heater prevent scalding injuries?

Scalding is much more likely to occur when water temperatures are allowed to exceed 130F. Conventional tank type water heaters are almost always set above this temperature in order to recover quickly after a major demand and to extend the period during which hot water can be demanded.

When an adult encounters water that is too hot, he has the presence of mind and the ability to adjust the mixture and avoid scalding. When this happens to a child or infant, with or without intervention from an adult, the results can range from mild discomfort to third degree burns.

Since ADSYS water heaters operate entirely on demand and on a continuous basis (they never run out of hot water), there is no longer a need to overheat the water to these scalding temperatures. A safe output temperature of 105 to 115F can be selected by the user.

With the ADSYS water heater and its true thermostatic control, you can set the desired output water temperature at a safe level and the water heater will maintain that temperature setting desipte changes in the water flow rate and incoming water tmeperature.

Are there any special plumbing or electrical requirements?

The unit is designed as a replacement for a conventional tank-type water heater or as a pre-heating booster to an existing tank system. Any electrician and plumber can install the unit wherever the existing unit is located.

The unit is designed to use the same 208 - 240 volt current that your conventional electric tank-type water heater uses however it will require a larger breaker and likely a heavier gauge of wiring.

How long do ADSYS water heaters last?

Unlike traditional water heaters that only last 8-12 years on average, ADSYS water heaters last far longer! An ADSYS water heater has an expected life of 30 - 40 years.

The ADSYS water heater is backed by a lifetime parts warranty!

Are ADSYS water heaters difficult to install?
Not at all. Any plumber and electrician that have experience installing traditional water heaters will have no problems installing an ADSYS water heater. In most cases, they will only cost slightly more to install than a traditional tank. Please review the installation information for the relevant model(s) you are considering prior to ordering as it is important to ensure that your home has the necessary electrical capacity or that it can be installed at a reasonable cost.
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