Single Family Residential Whole House Heating
ADSYS water heaters make ideal replacements for whole house electric and gas water heaters for most residential applications, including houses, condos, apartments, mobile/manufactured homes, guest houses and recreational properties. For extremely demanding hot water applications, multiple heaters can often be deployed, or a ADSYS
Water heater can be paired with conventional tank in a booster configuration.

Multi-Family Residential Whole House Water Heater
Property developers and managers, hotel and motel operators, and resort property owners can save thousands of dollars annually by implementing ADSYS water heating technology in their units. Furthermore, since floor space is always at a premium, the physical space saved by switching to a tankless water heater can create much needed storage or other useful space!

Point-of-Use Water Heating
Due to their small size, ADSYS water heaters are well suited to point-of-use applications around the and are ideal for providing hot water to areas of the home that are physically far away from the existing water heater. They can also serve the needs of business, schools, and other organizations by providing low-cost hot water for lavatories, cafeterias, and more!

Solar or Geothermal Water Heater Booster
Thermostatically-controlled ADSYS water heaters such as the ADSYS water heater make ideal booster heaters for existing solar or geothermal water heating systems. For instance, on cloudy, colder days when your solar system is unable to raise the temperature of the water to the desired temperature, the ADSYS system will kick in to raise the temperature to a comfortable level.

Radiant/ Hydronic Heating
When properly configured, a thermostatically-controlled ADSYS water heater can be used instead of a traditional tank-type water heater or boiler as the heat source for a radiant hot water ( hydronic ) heating system or “water furnace”. While the energy savings are not generally as significant as they are when using a ADSYS for domestic hot water heating, their small size, long warranty, and simplicity can make them an excellent choice for such applications.

Business and Commercial
ADSYS water heaters can be used for a wide array of commercial water heating applications. Common applications include hairdressing salons, spas, laundromat facilities, restaurants, lodges, hotels, etc.

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